The fact that you came here tells me two things: You have a desire to learn and a willingness to explore your options and find a great fit for you.
If you love the idea of creating your own business with a passive income from home or building a brand from scratch, then you’ll love what I share here.

Here you will find some awesome training to help you grow a profitable business online, as well as, inspiration and motivation.

Let me ask you this:

   -   Are you just just starting out?
   -   Do you need a little help learning how to build a brand yourself?
   -   Do you need help marketing your brand?
   -   Do you feel frustrated because you are having trouble finding results             out there?

Did you answer yes to any of those?

If so, then I am so happy you made it here. No matter where you are in your business we have some great resources for you.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? 

Keep reading and to see if we are going to be a good fit for you.

You feel like it's your time to let your greatness out!
You feel like it's your time to find something that really works for you!
But, so far you are STUCK and don't know what to do next.

Trust me, we have all been there!

My name is Charles Willis and I have a passion for helping other aspiring entrepreneurs start, build, or grow their businesses, so that they can achieve their dreams of a better life.

Why you ask?

Several years ago, I started on my own journey to build a better lifestyle for my family, one they deserve. Starting out with zero experience in internet business and marketing, I failed miserably for the first 2 years.

But check this out...

I have conditioned myself over the past 15 years to build off of my struggles and use them to propel me forward towards my goals. A long time ago someone very wise told me you need to learn from your mistakes and build on them. He said, 'did you get back up, did you learn something from the fall, then son you didn't fail at all.' And that stuck with me for life. I strive to make sure I learn something from every experience that I have.

After learning from my mistakes for 2 years, I was fortunate enough to discover my mentors who collectively showed me step-by-step what I was doing wrong, why, and how improve upon it. I wasn't anybody special but I was smart enough and driven enough to listen to them and apply what I was learning. In less than 2 months, I was able to turn those "failures" into  successes and made my first 5 sales online. In 3 months, I had 400+ people coming to me for help. 

Pretty crazy, right? I thought so!

By doing a few simple things in a specific way for just an hour a day, I was able to transform those perceived failures to overwhelming success online and with that create a better life for my family. A better lifestyle than I was even dreaming about to start with. GOAL 1 ACHIEVED!

After blowing that goal out of the water, I had to set on a new course. So I set my next goal; much bigger this time. I set forth to find and help 365 people a year (one a day), that were struggling just like I was, to create real and lasting breakthroughs in their business, marketing, income, and life.
And, that's when I decided to start charleswillis.biz and Legend Making Mind. 

Pretty cool?

I love what I do and I love helping others succeed! It's an incredible feeling!

If you're sick and tired of hype, information overload, lack of results, and want to learn how to create the good life you want - I want to challenge you to find your success and if you would like some help on your journey from someone who cares about people more than money please: join me on this journey by clicking JOIN ME and make sure to put in your best email so that I can get back with you. 

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I'll see you there,

Charles Willis
I'm a digital marketer and founder of CharlesWillis.biz. I show people how to create the life and business of their dreams by leveraging the power of online marketing.
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